Want a happy client? start tracking their Industry for them

By Admin | 9 Nov, 2020

Want a happy client? start tracking their Industry for them
It's no secret that the key to success is finding the simplest way to stay existing clients while continuing to onboard more clients. The trick is in understanding how to get more clients.
Big firms are paying companies to trace industry news tailored to their clients' legal needs. They either appoint companies to collect news on developments, laws and regulations, litigation, and social media and supply it as tips to clients that hire them. The firms pass the news to their clients who appreciate the personalized attention
The information clients want is that they are updated to laws and legal developments which could affect their industry.
That information is on the market online. If you've got a subscription to a newsletter service, like Accountingbuzz, you can set an email alert to automatically update you when it is updated.
If you do not have a subscription you need to keep track of central and most state laws online. Most state legislatures have an internet site where you'll see what they're performing on and what bills have passed during the session.
Tracking case law works in a very similar way. It's generally possible to line up your legal researching tools to run an automatic look for you and send an alert if anything comes up.
Search engines also offer a fast and easy way to research and create future alerts.
On Google News the web site offers you the choice of fixing a category for specific search terms. Then once you return to the location, categories for those saved searches are going to be available within the left side bar. 
Yahoo also allows you to sift through the news by fixing preferred categories to display.
Once the alert is set, schedule an hour about per week to quickly browse through news and legal updates. If anything does come up, you'll pass it on to your clients.
Tracking online news takes time but the data is all available. Making the hassle to indicate clients that you simply care about their work and not just their money could be a reason for them to stay doing business with you and perhaps also recommend you to their industry friends.