Right Time to start Practice

By Admin | 16 Jun, 2020

Right Time to start Practice
Key Points

  • The moment you qualify
  • No need to get experience
  • If at all exposure of practice is required, go for small firms so that you get all exposure. 
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Most of the CA I speak with who want to start a practice Ask is “when is the right time to start a practice”? the answer is there is no better time as now. Next question comes is “Do I need experience to start practice”? The Answer is again No the articleship done is more than enough to start CA practice let me explain Why?
Always start at the bottom: - No matter after how many years of experience your post qualification or immediately after qualification will always have to start from bottom when you start your own practice. 
A fresh CA practice involves setting up your own printer, make your own letter head etc. along with getting new client,no amount of experience will help you in all this. 
If at all a fresh CA wants to gain experience, I suggest to go opt for a small size firms for post qualification experience. Going to a big firm will never help! Yes it might groom you for bigger clients but if you think with prudence the chances of getting a big client by a fresh CA practice are very minimal. 
After hearing this the question that is shot is “If I don’t have experience how will I handle the clients?” What I suggest is whenever a client visits and you are unsure about the case ask them to leave the papers and give few days for study. The online portals like online book portal and the blogs have made access of information very easy. 
In all I would say, if you want to do your practice drive it by passion and stay updated in your field.