How to build a digital CA firm?

By Admin | 1 Jun, 2020

How to build a digital CA firm?
In any CA firm one thing is of prime importance that is work papers. Before COVID-19 it was impossible for anyone to think about working from home. The crisis has somehow forced us to move to digital modes of working.
Guru & Jana, a Chartered accountant firm has employed and developed various tools over the years. It is a paperless firm with all the work executed from cloud based software or any other digital mode. Taking the model and tools used by Guru & Jana, we have formulated this E-book.
Functions carried out in a CA firms including proprietorship firms can be classified broadly into 5 buckets – HR, Admin, Sales and marketing, Servicing and Billing. In this E-book we will look at options available for each of the area in digital space.

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