Checklist for starting a CS firm

By Admin | 26 Jun, 2020

Checklist for starting a CS firm
Are you exploring the idea of starting your own CS firm? Or perhaps you are ready to reinvent your practice after COVID-19?
Either way, we’ve gathered some of the key focus areas to help you create your plans for the CS firm of the future. Our planning checklist can help the aspiring sole practitioner or small CS firm owner address startup considerations such as defining your target market, outlining a business plan, generating cash flow, knowing your financial requirements, understanding the landscape and more.  
The e-book on Checklist for starting a CS firm answer various questions and throw light on critical issues like:
  1. Should you start your own CS firm?
  2. Create your vision
  3. Calculate how much capital is needed.
  4. Understand the landscape.
  5. Define your target market.
  6. Develop a sales and marketing strategy.
  7. Develop a vision for the client experience you want to create.
  8. Develop a vision for your firm culture.
  9. Plan your schedule.
  10. Chose an office.
  11. Chose your technology.
  12. Develop your pricing model.
  13. Develop a client selection process.
  14. Decide how you will get paid.
  15. Consider an acquisition.
  16. Consider a partnership.
  17. Identify and evaluate all of your potential stumbling blocks.
  18. Develop a business plan.