A day in the life of a CA

By Admin | 13 Jul, 2020

A day in the life of a CA
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Key Pointers
• Planning and preparing for the due date work
• Allocating work to articles
• Answering calls
• Preparing documents for submission
• Making proposals
• Reading Updates
A CA’s job apart from being consultant to the clients is of Staying updated and generating requirements. It also involves prioritizing and managing the work.
So a Normal day I always advise CA’s to begin at least 30 mins before the others. What you can do or I do in these 30 mins is :
• Write down the due date for the day
• Name of the clients to whom it is applicable
• Status of the work or allocate the work
• If the requirement is pending from the client then give them a call or drop an E-mail/ SMS/ Whatsapp.
Once you are done with these 30 mins Spend another 30-40 mins in focusing on growing your practice.you may either finish up your meeting with new client/potential clients/roll one email etc.
Now the actual Work begins where a CA usually checks on the work done by audit assistants, make sure the work is up to date with proper working papers. Once, the day starts there are many other requirements which may come up on urgency like a notice received from department (Which is quite common thanks to GST), After all the hassle of the day, take out one hour after the staff leaves .
I like to divide this one hour to 2 slots of 30 mins each.first 30 mins are focused on executing what was strategies in morning w.r.t clients. This can be sending them proposals or raising bills for the work done.
Next 30 mins should be devoted only to reading and staying updated about laws & notification